For all those times when you need a bulls%*t buster, new direction, fresh perspective, and infinite possibilities. Life is what YOU make of it; because when you live without intention, you live on accident.




Bust out of autopilot mode, put your deep-seeded fears + phobias to rest, break-out of your box, play big, and cultivate truly meaningful relationships. You want to forgive, let go, and THRIVE.




Ready to break up with dieting for good and make peace with food, your weight, and your body? Then inside out weight-loss is for you. See how hypnotherapy and coaching can create lasting changes for your body, your soul, and your health.



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Erika is an amazing Healer! She brought me from darkness to light in a couple of months, which is unheard of. Traditional psychology approaches I used before were months and months and months and I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. In Erika’s hands I was able to transform and claim “new” me in a very short time! Erika is a natural intuit and a gifted therapist/coach! But you have to be ready to get out of your old story, be willing to change yourself and let “old” you go. You have to be open minded and flexible as Erika applies alternative healing modalities.
I couldn’t be grateful enough to have Erika as my healer and life coach!”
V.M. Seattle, WA